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    Whole School Well-Being

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    Resilience Leader Programme

    Collaborating with children to create a more resilient school

    The resilience leader programme is an active learning programme, that has been developed to ensure all children are active collaborators in their learning. The facilitator supports every child to feel able to be part of the group, feel empowered to take responsibility for their learning so they can fully engage in the process. The programme has been developed using coaching methods and action methods to enhance learning, to guide children to discover their own inner resources and abilities. To feel confident to teach others how to self-develop, take responsibility for their emotions and thinking, and learn how to navigate them more easily.

    In this programme, we work with 10 child resilience leaders, and then coach and empower them to teach their peers.

    Available as an ONLINE programme (Or in person in Nottinghamshire)


    For more information email jackie@empowereducation.co.uk

    Emotions Toolkit Workshops, Resources and Training

    Resilience and self regulation for FS1-KS2

    A resource to support young minds to manage their emotions, develop crucial self-regulation skills and grow resilient minds. The FS1-KS1 toolkit, includes a story to learn the tools, which can be used in 1-1 sessions, circle time or as a PE lesson (video available). We also have a KS2 toolkit that includes the tools alongside learning the neuroscience of our brain, to develop a deeper understanding of what happens in our brain when we practice these tools.

    Available ONLINE or In Person


    For more information email emotionstoolkit@gmail.com or please visit our sister site www.emotionstoolkit.com

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    Yoga & Mindfulness

    Workshops for FS1-KS2

    Learning yoga and mindfulness at any early age, develops more self awareness and confidence in ourselves. ONLINE SESSIONS ONLY

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    1-1 Emotion & Empowerment Coaching

    Coaching for pupils

    Coaching is an amazing way for a child to feel empowered to manage their emotions and tap into their incredible inner treasure. Many children suffer with low self-worth due to their academic abilities, home life and friendship issues, and coaching helps a child to discover just how incredible they are and how they can take steps to achieve better in life and at school. Suitable for 7-11yr olds. ONLINE sessions (In person available in Nottinghamshire)


    For more information email jackie@empowereducation.co.uk

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    Staff INSET days, Workshops and 1-1 Coaching

    Building staff well-being and resilience

    We offer many options to support the well-being of staff, as well as supporting children with their well-being. Our staff sessions can be tailor made to suit the schools requirements. All can be provided ONLINE and in person

    • Self discovery INSET days to develop resilience and self care for educators/support children with their well-being
    • Emotions Toolkit staff training sessions (90mins)
    • Well-being & self-care workshops (90mins-2hrs)
    • Yoga & Mindfulness sessions (1-2hrs)
    • 1-1 Empowerment & Performance coaching for staff (1hr)
    • Keynote Speaker at INSET Days 
    For more information email jackie@empowereducation.co.uk
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    Parent Workshops

    Well-being for parents & their children

    Alongside the programmes we offer for children, we also run parent workshops to support whole school well-being.

    Offered ONLINE and in person


    For more information email jackie@empowereducation.co.uk