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    Emotions Toolkit for Families

    Empowering you and your family!

    The Emotions Toolkit for Families is an incredible resource to develop self-regulation skills. The toolkit is suitable for children from 3-11yrs and their parents. One of the biggest challenges in a family is the emotions we each experience, and this resource provides a selection of in the moment tools to manage the early onset of a challenging emotion. This is a whole-family resource, that can be used by parents, children, and the wider family, as the tools are adult breathing and visualisation techniques that we have made child friendly! Please check out our sister site http://www.emotionstoolkit.com, where we have a downloadable or physical version of our Emotions Toolkit.

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    1-1 emotion and empowerment coaching for your child

    Empowering your child

    Coaching is an amazing way for a young person to feel empowered to manage their emotions and tap into their incredible inner resources. Many young people suffer with low self-worth due to their academic abilities, labels, home life and friendship issues, and coaching helps them to discover just how incredible they are and how they can take steps to manage their behaviour, their emotions, their beliefs and achieve better in life and school. Suitable for children from 6-12 and young people from 13+.


    ONLINE SESSIONS - Contact jackie@empowereducation.co.uk

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    Parent Coaching and Conscious Parenting

    Empowering you!

    Whether you would like to enhance your parenting, connect more deeply with your child/ren, tap into your dreams or discover what an incredible person you really are, we can help! Coaching is an empowering process, we don't look at your flaws, we look at your incredible resourcefulness, and guide you into discovering how to tap into your potential as a parent, and human being, feeling more positive about yourself and your life, and having a clear goal, and action steps to take to take you in the direct you wish to travel on your parenting journey.


    Conscious parenting is a way to understand how to respond to your child effectively, rather than react. We become more mindful of what we say, and how we act, creating deeper connection & understanding. Compassion is key to becoming a conscious parent.


    ONLINE SESSIONS - Contact jackie@empowereducation.co.uk