• Meet Jackie Wilson

    Founder of Empower Education

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    Growing Healthy Thriving Minds of the Next Generation


    Our purpose


    Empower Education believes that every child has the ability to succeed in life. However, there are many young people that do not believe they have what it takes. This can be due to many factors such as academic ability, physical appearance, friendships and their background to name a few. These factors can unnecessarily lead a young person to struggle with anxiety, depression and anger issues which can eventually have a long term impact on their mental health.


    A survey of Headteachers by the National Education Union in 2019 revealed that 8 out of 10 had witnessed a decline in pupils’ mental wellbeing since 2017 with rising reports of anxiety, self-harm and even cases of suicide. Furthermore, one in four of us will experience mental ill health during our lifetime, with 75% of mental illnesses starts by the age of 18 (according to MHFA England). Due to the 2020 pandemic, these statistics will inevitably rise.


    Empower Education aims to address the epidemic in child mental ill health by helping children discover the amazing resourceful person that they are, open their eyes to what they are capable of, and the value their bring to the world. Crucially, our programmes aim to provide young people with the essential life skills they need to become more self aware, resilient, raise self-esteem, be better communicators and help them to stay positive in the modern world. We also aim to bridge the gap between mental health services, providing early interventions to prevent children developing more serious problems further down the line.


    Our history and founder


    Empower Education was established by Jackie Wilson in 2010 to provide self development and empowerment coaching in schools, with organisations that work with young people, as well as directly with children and their families.


    Working closely with teachers and other practitioners in the field of children’s wellbeing, Jackie has created a suite of programmes which can be delivered in schools and other organisations. Bespoke 1 -2-1 coaching can also be provided for individual children, or for children and parents, working together to provide a family-led approach.


    She also supports teacher wellbeing through INSET days and staff workshops online or in person.


    Jackie’s passion for working with young people to empower them to grow a healthy thriving mind is informed by her own experience as a teenager and young adult battling with low self-esteem, and poor mental health - which she eventually overcame through focussing deeply on her self development.


    Her practice today is underpinned by being a qualified coach, NLP Practitioner and mindfulness teacher and is also informed by positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, and neuroscience.


    Jackie is a keynote speaker on how to help children develop a positive mindset.

    She is co-author of 'A book of inspiration for women by women' and 'Believe you can succeed'. Her book on teenage wellbeing and resilience: 'This is ME – A journey of Self Discovery for Teens' is due to be published by 2021.




    Jackie is co-founder of the following:


    Emotions Toolkit www.emotionstoolkit.com, a resource to support young minds in learning how to regulate their emotions.


    Positively Empowered Kids CIC www.positivelyempoweredkids.co.uk, a social enterprise which provides a platform for experts working in child wellbeing to showcase their services, collaborate and co-create projects that will benefit children and young people.


    The annual Teacher’s Come First www.teacherscomefirst.org conference, which provides a forum for teachers to develop their self-care strategies as well as network with other teachers to share best practice.